My Approach

My approach is based on the idea that current difficulties are rooted in unresolved feelings, thoughts, conflicts, or coping styles from the past.

I help people  understand the patterns in their lives and connections to the past, so they can live their lives more effectively in the present.


I believe that interpersonal problems can be reflected in different parts of your life. A challenge from the present may have existed in the past and will likely reveal itself in our therapeutic work.


Therapy is designed to reveal feelings. Most of the therapeutic work happens in the sessions. It is conducted in a private and confidential setting. The more frequently we meet, the more intense (and helpful) the therapy. Steps are as follows:


The therapy relationship itself gives important clues about what you do unconsciously; in other words, you did not know that you were doing something.

Typically, people notice that their lives change through the therapeutic relationship and the experience of being understood.

Therapy most often ends when the client feels relatively free of inner conflict. We discuss the ending of our work together and what to do in case of relapses.

Interested in working together? 

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